Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back in Action

Yes, I dropped the ball. Over a month ago I started this blog and I was super gung ho to start spreading my 'infinite wisdom' around the world for ANYONE who would give a damn. And then... I dropped off the face of the earth. Why? Anxiety, depression, that god-for-saken voice that usually sneak-attacks when I'm writing a script - or what ever else you want to call it - started to take over. The result... nothing much to say lately, and mostly due to my preparing for this '' event that was held last night at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto on Friday.

The problem was that my strategy was all wrong. I focused so much on writing a couple complete scripts (in hopes of meeting an agent etc.) that I lost sight of the fact I should be armed with as many pitch sheets as I could with show ideas I felt comfortable with presenting. So guess what I sat up all night working on the night before the event?

The first night of the event went well. I thought I was going to be standing in the corner all night before my first seminar, but I did get to talk to some like-minded folks for a while. There were a couple people talking their heads off about what they wanted to do (something I hate to do myself, as I'd just rather do it), but in my advancing age I understand that people just get really excited about the possibility of doing something they really want to do as a career.

Up late once again trying to finish some stuff for the event. I was hoping to pitch to two animation companies, but Breakthrough Films and Television dropped out unexpectedly. Just the one shot, but there is always another day ahead. Unless your a dead guy... of course.

Signing off...


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