Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Grindhouse Trailer and Official Site

I’m frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the new Tarantino/Rodriguez venture known as Grindhouse. Say what you want about the homages to other films, the violence, the over-the-top-ness and all the other critic ramble-offs; screw all that. The bottom line is that I’m always walking out of the theatre feeling like I got my money's worth from these guys (not including Spy Kids, Shark Boy, etc.).

The previous trailer was mostly scenes from Planet Terror, a homage to the zombie flicks from the past, so this next trailer had more scenes from Tarantino’s segment called Deathproof, staring Kurt Russell and a cast of hot babes. Even Bruce Willis makes an appearance. I went to the official web site and was blown away by how colour is used in this film.

The production stills are very cinematic and just pop out of the screen at you. For example: A cheerleader wearing a bright yellow uniform exiting from a bright yellow hot-rod with red interior, the bright colours of the products in the variety store, to a girl relaxing on a sofa in her apartment with a huge poster on the wall overhead of what I assume is a fifties film star who is relaxing in the same position. I find in the writing process it always helps to use such interesting images as a way to motivate the writing, or to come up with an interesting story angle. I see these images and I’m compelled to imagine what is going on in these scenes.

Many people are already writing this film off as a joke, but hey, they never said they were trying to remake ‘Gone with the Wind’, here. This movie was inspired by the exploitation movies from long ago that people would go to for the sole purpose of being entertained, and that’s the approach that was taken from the beginning. They aren’t trying to fool anyone here.

Please excuse me while I fetch a mop. I have a messy puddle of drool to clean up.

Ol' Rocky B. has a way with words...

I would never have thought I'd actually go to a movie theatre to see a 'Rocky' movie. I was always a bit cynical about the whole series of Rocky films, as I was never a big fan of Stalone. But I always respected his resolve as a struggling actor who wrote his own script and refused to give it up unless he would star in the film. I love stories like that.

So, a while back I heard that Stalone was attempting to 'milk-the-goose' (or, do the impossible) by making another Rocky Balboa film, the sixth installment. Ridiculous, I thought. I saw this as Stalone desperately making the quick cash grab (which is still a possible reason), thinking he could resuscitate the skeletal remains of the past. But after a decent trailer peaked my interest, and hearing that the movie was actually good, I decided to go check it out.

After a so-so opening sequence, I braced myself, ready to hate this film... but by the end, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Stallone wrote a really touching story about a man having difficulty moving on from the past. There are some really touching scenes in this movie, and I have a new respect for Stallone as a writer. I always knew he was a machine on the typewriter (he wrote 32 pages of a punch-for-punch fight sequence for the first Rocky movie overnight!), but he really has a way with words that inspire. The movie was really bare bones and straight forward, and boxing is really just an after thought. So straightforward that I’m sure there must have been some scenes left behind on the cutting room floor. In all honesty, this movie would stand on it's own if there wasn't a single punch thrown.

I have to give Stallone credit; he's made a movie that people can relate to. I certainly do.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not Dead Yet...

Yes, I am alive. This is not a dead man's blog... though it has been quite some time.

When I started this blog, I was a bit reluctant because I had the impression that blogging was something that had to be done everyday, like a diary of sorts. But I gave myself freedom from this narrow view of the world by telling myself I would only make a post if I had something interesting to say or some information to give to those who would care to want it.

It's been about a month now since I last made a post and it has been as such for various reasons which I wont discuss here. As much as it would be great to make this just a screenwriting blog, it would be nearly impossible because of my various interests - and lack of screenwriting of late.

I watch a lot of movies, so I like to give the odd movie review, I'm into numerology and astrology, so I may make a comment about any interesting things I've uncovered relating to these topics. I also like to take the odd photo here and there and I'm definitely itching to put that type of stuff up as well, so It's a varied existence.

Well, enough excuses. I must post!

Quick Film Reviews:

Volver - Starts slow but finishes strong. Penelope Cruz never looked or acted better. (Recommended)

Stranger Than Fiction - Really cleverly written script. (Recommended)

Casino Royal - This bond is a bit darker than the others. Less gadgitry, more laughs. (Recommended)

For Your Consideration - It was funny-cute, but these movies are growing stale. (Rental)

The Fountain - Great performances... original story. If you like 'different', see it. (Recomended)

Borat - Don't know. I'll wait 'til it's on TV. But I'm sure it's funny ($100,000,000 ++)


Love Liza (2002) - Depressingly funny. Give the editor a Beer on the house. Phillip Seymour Hoffman steadily climbs my favorite actor list with every film. (Recommended)

Kids (1995) - One of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. (Recommended)

Now go out and spend some money damn it!