Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Grindhouse Trailer and Official Site

I’m frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the new Tarantino/Rodriguez venture known as Grindhouse. Say what you want about the homages to other films, the violence, the over-the-top-ness and all the other critic ramble-offs; screw all that. The bottom line is that I’m always walking out of the theatre feeling like I got my money's worth from these guys (not including Spy Kids, Shark Boy, etc.).

The previous trailer was mostly scenes from Planet Terror, a homage to the zombie flicks from the past, so this next trailer had more scenes from Tarantino’s segment called Deathproof, staring Kurt Russell and a cast of hot babes. Even Bruce Willis makes an appearance. I went to the official web site and was blown away by how colour is used in this film.

The production stills are very cinematic and just pop out of the screen at you. For example: A cheerleader wearing a bright yellow uniform exiting from a bright yellow hot-rod with red interior, the bright colours of the products in the variety store, to a girl relaxing on a sofa in her apartment with a huge poster on the wall overhead of what I assume is a fifties film star who is relaxing in the same position. I find in the writing process it always helps to use such interesting images as a way to motivate the writing, or to come up with an interesting story angle. I see these images and I’m compelled to imagine what is going on in these scenes.

Many people are already writing this film off as a joke, but hey, they never said they were trying to remake ‘Gone with the Wind’, here. This movie was inspired by the exploitation movies from long ago that people would go to for the sole purpose of being entertained, and that’s the approach that was taken from the beginning. They aren’t trying to fool anyone here.

Please excuse me while I fetch a mop. I have a messy puddle of drool to clean up.


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