Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not Dead Yet...

Yes, I am alive. This is not a dead man's blog... though it has been quite some time.

When I started this blog, I was a bit reluctant because I had the impression that blogging was something that had to be done everyday, like a diary of sorts. But I gave myself freedom from this narrow view of the world by telling myself I would only make a post if I had something interesting to say or some information to give to those who would care to want it.

It's been about a month now since I last made a post and it has been as such for various reasons which I wont discuss here. As much as it would be great to make this just a screenwriting blog, it would be nearly impossible because of my various interests - and lack of screenwriting of late.

I watch a lot of movies, so I like to give the odd movie review, I'm into numerology and astrology, so I may make a comment about any interesting things I've uncovered relating to these topics. I also like to take the odd photo here and there and I'm definitely itching to put that type of stuff up as well, so It's a varied existence.

Well, enough excuses. I must post!

Quick Film Reviews:

Volver - Starts slow but finishes strong. Penelope Cruz never looked or acted better. (Recommended)

Stranger Than Fiction - Really cleverly written script. (Recommended)

Casino Royal - This bond is a bit darker than the others. Less gadgitry, more laughs. (Recommended)

For Your Consideration - It was funny-cute, but these movies are growing stale. (Rental)

The Fountain - Great performances... original story. If you like 'different', see it. (Recomended)

Borat - Don't know. I'll wait 'til it's on TV. But I'm sure it's funny ($100,000,000 ++)


Love Liza (2002) - Depressingly funny. Give the editor a Beer on the house. Phillip Seymour Hoffman steadily climbs my favorite actor list with every film. (Recommended)

Kids (1995) - One of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. (Recommended)

Now go out and spend some money damn it!


Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

I couldn't agree more about Volver .. for the first 20 minutes or so I as definitely unimpressed, but by the time it reaches the point where la bella ladies Cruz and Maura are sitting on that bench, it's just riveting

6:29 PM  

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