Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ol' Rocky B. has a way with words...

I would never have thought I'd actually go to a movie theatre to see a 'Rocky' movie. I was always a bit cynical about the whole series of Rocky films, as I was never a big fan of Stalone. But I always respected his resolve as a struggling actor who wrote his own script and refused to give it up unless he would star in the film. I love stories like that.

So, a while back I heard that Stalone was attempting to 'milk-the-goose' (or, do the impossible) by making another Rocky Balboa film, the sixth installment. Ridiculous, I thought. I saw this as Stalone desperately making the quick cash grab (which is still a possible reason), thinking he could resuscitate the skeletal remains of the past. But after a decent trailer peaked my interest, and hearing that the movie was actually good, I decided to go check it out.

After a so-so opening sequence, I braced myself, ready to hate this film... but by the end, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Stallone wrote a really touching story about a man having difficulty moving on from the past. There are some really touching scenes in this movie, and I have a new respect for Stallone as a writer. I always knew he was a machine on the typewriter (he wrote 32 pages of a punch-for-punch fight sequence for the first Rocky movie overnight!), but he really has a way with words that inspire. The movie was really bare bones and straight forward, and boxing is really just an after thought. So straightforward that I’m sure there must have been some scenes left behind on the cutting room floor. In all honesty, this movie would stand on it's own if there wasn't a single punch thrown.

I have to give Stallone credit; he's made a movie that people can relate to. I certainly do.


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